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Everybody’s got a hungry heart,
Lay down your money and you play your part,
Everybody’s got a hungry heart,

I Love those Bruce Springsteen lyrics. I mostly love the part where it says, Lay down your money and you play your part. I think of that when I am watching these live Latina webcam girls. I lay down a couple of bucks, they play the part of any fantasy I have and I get to spend an enjoyable evening jacking off.

Then some other lines in the song are:

Everybody needs a place to rest,
Everybody wants to have a home,
Don’t make no difference what nobody says,
Ain’t nobody like to be alone,

That is so true, everybody needs a place to rest and relax and enjoy their limited time off from work or family or whatever. And, again, Bruce speaks the truth, “Ain’t nobody like to be alone.” Yes, being alone is not so fun, but being lonely is what is terrible. When you have online chat friends you can talk to, you are never lonely, although you are sometimes alone. Being alone is actually best when watch these girls as that is how you get to pull your cock out and whack off when these girls do their sexy hot fuck shows.

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